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While everyone is welcome to post comments or request new blog topics, this blog is primarily for former members of the Masonic Order, and those who are opposed to the biblically heretical teachings of Freemasonry. Active Masons and/or those who support or defend the religion of Freemasonry are also allowed to use this blog.  However, all posts in support or in defense of Freemasonry will be closely and carefully moderated and if deemed inappropriate for any reason we feel, it will be deleted with no questions asked or explanation given.  We respect and honor your right to freely express your opinion — one way or the other —however, if you do not appreciate our strict censorship of this blog, there are plenty of Masonic websites and blogs throughout the World Wide Web that you can go to instead.

Likewise, we only support posts regarding the biblical incompatibility of Freemasonry (Masonry, the Masonic Order, or the Lodge), and not those that speak of Masonic philanthropy and charities, or any Masonic conspiracy theories, e.g. the “New World Order” or “Masonic world domination.” Instead, the focus of this blog is to allow posts that support the Christian case against Freemasonry solely on biblical grounds.  Therefore, please post your thoughts against the Lodge strictly from a biblical perspective.  By the same token, if you want to post comments in defense of Freemasonry, you need to have biblical support for your reasoning; although I seriously doubt you will find any.  In either case, we reserve the right to edit or delete any posts that do not meet the criteria described above.

To learn more about the Order of Former Freemasons, visit us at www.formermasons.org.

DISCLAIMER: The views expressed, and the ads displayed, on this blog are not necessarily held or endorsed by the members of the Order of Former Freemasons.

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